Leave Your Stiffness Behind Before You Get Out of Bed

This could be the most important move you make all day

Many of us feel stiff and sore in the morning time. While sleep is restorative, the lack of movement can cause a certain amount of discomfort upon waking. The difference is what you do at this crucial point: do you simply ignore the stiffness, jump out of bed and start your day? That is how you perpetuate the cycle, leading to endless mornings of stiffness. For many of us, all it will take to break out of this cycle is a few well-timed stretches in the morning and before bed. 

Have you considered stretching in bed?

As you stir and welcome the new day, try to execute a few well-timed stretches before even leaving bed. 

  1. Alternate bringing each knee up toward the chest, while leaving the other leg bent. Hold 30 seconds in each position.
  2. Alternate bringing each knee up toward your chest, then point your foot upward, leaving the other leg bent. Hold these for 30 seconds each

That’s a sum total of 2 minutes that will go a long way toward releasing tension in the lower back, hamstrings and hips. 

Feeling less stiff starts with a morning stretch

At Associations in Chiropractic, we are all about smart solutions for improving spinal health. Starting your day off with a stretch is the best way to set a tone for spinal health that will carry you throughout the day. For more inspiration on easy ways to feel less stiff and more energized, give our office in Hackensack a call to schedule an appointment today. 


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