Incorporating Yoga into Your Day

It can seem like a difficult task bringing a yoga routine into your daily grind. But, truth be told, with a little bit of discipline, you can definitely work in the requisite amount of stretching into any busy schedule.

Below are a few ways to incorporate yoga into your daily routine.

1.) Yoga at Work

When you’re at work, especially if you’re on your feet for long stretches, or, alternatively, sitting at a desk staring at a computer, it’s important that you incorporate a stretch routine into your workday. Try to do a few poses/stretches while you’re at your desk.

2.) Take a Class

Taking a class, especially if you include someone you know, will help you be held accountable to “showing up,” which is 90% of the battle. Taking a class will also give you valuable instruction on how to do yoga properly, which will help you build your own yoga practice.

3.) Find a Place at Home

Make a designated place for you to do yoga, whether it’s for an hour or day, or for only 20 minutes a few times a week. Watch internet videos to get routines and learn new poses.

Learning yoga and perfecting your form are both lifetime pursuits. Yoga can be an excellent addition to any wellness routine as can chiropractic care. If you believe you could benefit from chiropractic care, contact Dr. Albert Stabile Jr. D.C. today to schedule your consultation.

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