How Effective are Opioids for Managing Back Pain?

A new study indicates that opioids are no more effective than ibuprofen at managing back pain

The study, released by a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota, compared 240 veterans who are taking opioids to manage chronic back pain versus those who use non-opioid methods of pain management. The study found that opioids are not doing a significantly better job at helping people manage pain, while also coming with a longer list of side-effects, including the risk for addiction and death from overdose. 

Chiropractic is part of a more conservative health plan for managing back pain

This study shows that if you are living with chronic back pain, opioids may not be the best option for lowering pain. Yet opioid prescribing remains common even while the research recommends alternatives. Chiropractic is a conservative form of treatment; it is non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive. Rather than treating your back pain as indiscriminate, we seek to determine the cause of your pain and treat it with modalities that specifically correspond to the cause. 

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, chiropractic is among the foremost methods for treating back pain

Chiropractic is not a single response to back pain, in the way that opioids are. Instead, we employ a variety of modalities that can used to treat chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain. When you combine this dynamic approach to treatment with exercise and good diet, the improvement can be amazing. If you are interested in an alternative to opioid medication for your chronic back pain, give our office in Hackensack a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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