Expectant Mothers

The last thing an expectant mother needs is back pain. Unfortunately, the most common side effect of a growing baby is a structural change, which causes back pain. At Associates in Chiropractic, we are here to make sure that this temporary upheaval of hormones and undue posture do not take a permanent toll on the mother’s body. We seek to make her pregnancy as comfortable as possible and help the baby through a delivery free of complications. Here are the main reasons for back pain during pregnancy:

  1. Center of gravity shift: the swelling of the abdomen changes the balanced arrangement of the body. Effect: postural muscles are strained.
  2. Release of relaxin: this aptly named pregnancy hormone prepares the body for labor by loosening core ligaments. Effect: destabilizes the body while weight is shifting, straining core muscles to compensate. Effect: lower back pain, sciatica.
  3. Sacroiliac dysfunction: Sacroiliac joints are the connectors of the sacrum and pelvic bones, conducting force between the upper and lower body. Hormones like relaxin cause connective tissues to become more pliable and less supportive. Effect: Pain felt in the lower back and legs. Pregnancy is a leading cause of pain in the sacroiliac joints.

While this pain is part and parcel of pregnancy, we prevent back pain from becoming a major complaint or distraction during a period of significant hormonal and emotional upheaval.

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Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C

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