Establishing Healthy Posture

Along with nutrition, posture is a fundamental way you can maintain a healthy back on a daily basis. At Associates in Chiropractic, one of our responsibilities is to educate you about good postural habits and help you enact them in every day situations. We will help you find your center and use it to promote balance and efficient movement.

There is no universal “proper posture.” Posture is different for everyone and takes into account all factors of physical being including strength and flexibility, body shape, age and numerous other factors. Your ideal posture is the position where your weight is distributed evenly so that no muscle must overcompensate to maintain your overall stability and all muscles are relaxed. When standing, the weight of your body should rest over the ankle joints and a straight line should be able to run from your heels to your head, through the knees, hips and shoulders. Bending the knees can relieve pressure from the hips and using stomach muscles to keep the body straight can help your spine stay in alignment.

It is important to think of ideal posture as a cumulative state of being. You have a unique posture for sitting, standing, relaxing, sleeping, driving and every other activity that you do during a day. They all influence each other, which makes establishing healthy postural habits a must. At Associates in Chiropractic we offer education and assistance in addressing poor posture. My goal is to keep you flexible and upright, with no muscle groups being under-used or overly exerted. By distributing the load evenly, we can prolong spinal health and make great posture second nature and erase the dreaded slump! Call our offices today at 201-342-6111 or make an appointment online and begin your transition to proper postural health with our help.

To start the new year off with health as a primary goal, we are offering a comprehensive chiropractic history, orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examination at no out of pocket cost to the new patients that make an appointment. This offer expires on January 31, 2016 and also includes a comprehensive Report of Findings. This service would normally cost $90.00 

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