Doing Something Over Nothing

At a loss as to what to do?

One of the most powerful ways you can turn the tide of fitness in your favor is by choosing to do something over nothing. There will be plenty of days when you are too exhausted from working to consider anything else besides vegging on the couch- but this becomes dangerous if it is the norm. Not only does it indicate that you are working too hard with a heavy stress load, it is also preventing you from reaping the physical benefits of exercise that will in turn fight stress and increse energy.

Entertainment is easy to come by: the lazy option is pressing a button and having ten different streaming services available from which to choose any show your heart desires. The better option is to avoid doing this as your primary means of relaxation- instead get up and go for a 30 minute walk; walking can be every bit as entertaining as Netflix. Many people are surprised to find that you walk about 10,000 steps in half an hour of dedicated walking. Do that three times a week and you qualify as a, “moderately active,” person. 

The above example demonstrates how you can influence your overall well-being in small doses. You can still watch your favorite show but why not try to incorporate 30 minutes of stretching while you watch; a 30-second plank in between each episode. The idea is to get creative; as your body starts to crave the little increments of fitness, your brain will also learn to seek them. 

Doing something over nothing is only made possible if your body is not holding you back. If you have long-standing pain in your joints or muscles, let us help you find the true cause and create a plan for healing that will get you pain-free and able to enjoy activities that you love. 

Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C. 

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