Decompressing from Chronic Back Pain

Living with your pain, rather than in spite of it

When considering your options for treating chronic back pain, non-surgical decompression therapy should be considered as a conservative care option. This treatment focuses on supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms in an attempt to overcome injury, whether it be acute or chronic. By lending the body all the tools at our disposal, we seek improvements in pain, increased speed of recovery and strengthening of the back so that you can live with your pain rather than in spite of it. 

How does decompression work?

Decompression utilizes a traction table that gently stretches the spine, reducing the build up of pressure in the injured region. By lengthening restrictive muscles, we promote retraction of the leaking disc material.  This also opens up pathways for nutrients to flow into the damage area, expediting the healing process. Decompression therapy works in conjunction with our recommendations on exercise, nutrition and posture. Often times, there is an underlying muscular imbalance caused by poor posture or physical trauma that may have contributed to the injury in the first place.

Decompression therapy works for chronic back pain

If you are local to the Clifton area and living with chronic back pain, it is time to schedule an appointment to find out how chiropractic’s conservative, holistic care can benefit you. 

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