Cool Down

Cooling Down

The cool-down is the oft-neglected sibling of the warm-up and, while its importance is perhaps secondary, it can be utilized to great effect for anyone hoping to round out their exercise on a positive note. By focusing on breathing and slowing down the heart rate, we can transition out of exercise mode and return to regular life with a fresh and healthy perspective. Furthermore, the cool down targets muscle groups that may accumulate tension throughout the exercise- especially the lower back, the joints of which bear a lot of pressure during many movements.

Next time you are ready to run off and hit the showers, devote just one minute to the child’s pose, a yoga movement that lengthens your spine and just feels fantastic. You start by sitting on your heels with your knees wide. Bend forward at the hips and lower your chest between your thighs while extending your arms in front of you and placing your palms on the ground. Simply rest in this position and practice breathing deeply and letting the energy flow. 

At Associates in Chiropractic, we believe a healthy exercise routine is fluid: from the dynamic stretching of the warm-up, through the muscle building and cardiovascular activity of the exercise, and ending with the static stretching of the cool down; a well-rounded exercise routine will boost the body and calm the mind. 

Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C.

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