Conservative Care Comes First

Back pain requires a coordinated treatment plan

If you live a life that is defined by chronic, or regularly-occuring, back pain, it is time to put your foot down and seek treatment. Yes, the human body is resilient enough to suffer for years with back pain symptoms, but what is it doing to your quality of life? The first step toward rehabilitating your back and potentially the first step toward leaving back pain behind for good is conservative care. 


What is conservative care?

Chiropractic is conservative care- a form of medicine that does not rely on invasive surgery or pain-masking medication. It is a healthcare system that looks at the body as an interconnected system and asks the question: what is causing your pain? By ceaselessly asking this question and investigating the myriad contributing factors, we get to the bottom of the pain. If it’s a problem we believe we can fix with chiropractic modalities, we will not hesitate to tell you, sparing no detail. If it is beyond the realm of conservative care,. we will not hesitate to refer you to another medical professional who provides a different level of care. 

Conservative care works on the knowledge that the body is a master healer- it is very adept at healing itself. Sometimes it just needs a nudge or, in the case of chiropractic, an adjustment to help it along the way. Back pain is often caused by misalignment in the spine which leads to painful nerve impingements. By correcting this misalignment, your spine is recalibrated and the pain is often relieved. 

Find out if conservative care is right for you

We encourage anyone and everyone who is suffering with back pain to get in touch with our office to start the rehabilitation process today. Conservative care is the first (and hopefully last) step you will need to take on a path toward healing. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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