Protecting the Most Important Structures in Your Body

Joints are your body’s workhorses

Because our joints perform the weight-bearing and shock-absorbing roles in the human body, they are among the most damaged structures due to injury and age. Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are autoimmune conditions that cause degradation and dysfunction in the joints of the body. Most startlingly, the cartilage that has worn down over time leaves you feeling crunchy and stiff, sore and demoralized. It simply makes movement painful. Because it hurts to move, you feel discouraged and move less, and other problems begin to compound. So while osteoarthritis and osteoporosis have no known cure at this time, it is essential that we take steps to limit their severity. 

 Treating joint dysfunction and pain

Chiropractic is a good modality for mitigating pain and slowing the degeneration that occurs with both conditions. Because your joints are losing crucial cartilage, it makes it all the more important that we focus on adding strength through the supportive muscles. 

Chiropractic goals when treating joint conditions include:

  • Controlling and scaling back the pain
  • Improving range of motion
  • Limiting the degree of degeneration that occurs 
  • Keeping you on your feet

So how do we do that? Through a combined regimen of chiropractic therapy, exercise and nutrition. Sufficient hydration, for example, is absolutely essential for keeping joints lubricated and healthy. Calcium and zinc are minerals that support joint health. Chiropractic modalities include spinal adjustment, massage therapy and decompression which all seek to limit pain and rehydrate the joints.

We are joint specialists

As soon as you notice that your joints are aching or something doesnt feel right, it is time to check in with a health professional. The sooner we detect the presence of OA or OE, the sooner we can begin a plan to limit the negative toll they will take on your life. 

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