Bridging to Undo all the Sitting

The seated human body

…is a sad sight for a chiropractor to see. As we see it, sitting only does harm to the body. Sitting puts more pressure on the spine than any other position you will adopt throughout the day. As you sit, here is what happens to the structures and musculature supporting your spine:

  • Muscles: abdominals, and glutes weaken.
  • Hips and hamstrings tighten
  • Intervertebral discs stiffen because they are not oxygenated or rehydrated as they are when you are moving. 

What is the perfect antidote for too much sitting?


The bridge. And while it is always important to converse with a health professional before adding exercise like bridging into your back care portfolio, this could be a tremendous opportunity to undo the harms of sitting for your back.


  • Elongates the spine and improves circulation
  • Oxygenates muscles and relieves stress
  • Strengthens every muscle of the back, especially those that support the spine.
  • Opens up tight hips and shoulders 

Bridging can be an integral part of chiropractic care in Hackensack

We love the bridge because it is a workout that targets every muscle that is important for supporting your spine! There are many different types of bridges and there is almost certainly one that is right for you. The only way you can find out is by giving our office in Hackensack a call to schedule an appointment today. 


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