Do you Have Back Pain when Bending Over?

Back pain when bending over is called flexion-based intolerance

Flexion is the position when you bend forward, but more appropriately, it is also the position of your spine when you are hunched over in a chair which is how more of us are spending our days. Your spine is given an allotment of times it can perform flexion and each time it degrades a little bit more; this gives way to degenerative conditions such as back pain, disc herniation and spinal stenosis. Our job at Associates in Chiropractic is to prevent you from reaching this level of degradation by working with you to mitigate your flexion-based intolerance and the lifestyle which contributes to it. 


Check yourself for flexion-based pain

A self check for flexion-based intolerance is to bend over and reach for your toes. Do you experience pain in this position, or does your pain get worse? Chances are you have some level of flexion-related back pain. The first thing to do is avoid exercises that will exacerbate your condition such as back squats, sit ups, dead lifts and crunches. 

Relieving your flexion-based intolerance with chiropractic therapy in Hackensack. 

Chiropractic adjustment will correct misalignment in the spine and relieve joints and nerves that have come under pressure due to compression related to flexion. From here we work on restoring range of motion and restoring you to neutral posture. Finally we strengthen stabilizing muscles to help you maintain good posture at all points of the day. If you think you may be struggling with flexion-based back pain in the Hackensack, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.



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