3 Common Contributors to Lower Back Pain

Did you know that there are certain common contributors to lower back pain? We see many patients from all walks of life, and one very common problem we see in our patients is lower back pain.

Turns out there are also some interesting things in common with our patients who experience lower back pain. Many of them have one or more of the common contributors discussed below going on in their lives.

You Sit a Lot at Work

Many of our jobs have us sitting in front of a computer screen for long periods of time, many of us exhibiting less-than-perfect posture. Sitting with bad posture can certainly put undue amounts of pressure on your spine. Instead, try to switch your position often. Hold good posture, and try to incorporate a stretch routine at work that you can do at the top of every hour.

You Haven’t Built Your Back

Many of us skip back and leg workouts in lieu of working biceps, chest, and other more eye-catching areas of the body. Try working your core muscle groups — not to mention your back — when you’re at the gym. Try to incorporate outdoor activities that are good for your back, too — like rockclimbing, for example.

You Have No Active Recovery Plan

You should be as active about your recovery plan as you are with your fitness plan. Incorporating stretching, yoga, massage, and chiropractic treatments will significantly help your chances in avoiding injury and especially lower back pain.

If you’re experiencing lower back pain and need a drug-free, all-natural solution, contact Dr. Albert Stabile Jr. D.C. today to schedule your consultation.

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