Tips to Reduce Holiday Season Stress

As October unfolds and November is just around the corner, it might be a good time to check in with ourselves and make sure that our stress and anxiety levels stay low, manageable, or perhaps even cease to exist.

Below, Associates in Chiropractic goes over a few ways to reduce holiday season stress — that way you can have a peaceful end to the year in hopes of making 2021 a year for the books.

First, try to get your exercise in — aim for at least 3-4 time per week and for 30 minutes to an hour each session. Failing to exercise means that energy has to get spent one way or another, whether it’s on a nice challenging trail run or when you lay your head down to sleep at night. Often, anxiety and stress come as the result of misspent energy. Conversely, exercising actually releases chemicals in your brain like dopamine that make you feel happy and euphoric.

Next, make sure that you have a plan for resting your mind. Whether it’s a meditation practice, a nature spot you like to go consistently to chill out, or even reading a beloved poem, chapter, story from a sacred book to you. These are all practices that will enhance mindfulness and release a new inner peace inside of you. Taking time each day to let our restless thoughts settle is essential to reducing stress and anxiety.

Lastly, chiropractic treatment is a great way to boost mood, reduce anxiety, promote a healthy night of sleep, not to mention provide drug-free pain relief for everyday aches and even serious injuries and health conditions. Contact Associates in Chiropractic today to learn more about who we are and what we do.