Surviving Your Daily Commute: A Hand-guide

Commutes take a toll on the spine

Depending on who you are, and where you are, you may represent the average commuter in the Teaneck, NJ area, who spends 55 minutes per day commuting. With an average commute time of 55 minutes, Teaneck ranked 5th highest on the list, which considered towns and cities with a population above 25,000 that are located within a 30-mile radius of downtown Manhattan, but it doesn’t quantify what these minutes mean for your spine. Commuting represents a major threat to our spinal stability and integrity for a few main reason: 

  1. The seated position
  2. The unsupported seat 
  3. The stress induced by traffic 

All of these factors combine to create a toxic environment for your spinal health, and your commute becomes just a piece in the mosaic of muscular tension, misalignment and dysfunction that you put your spine through on a daily basis. Read on for tips that help you minimize the damage that your commute causes to your spine. 

Make commuting easier on your spine 

  • Drink water: make sure you and your intervertebral discs stay hydrated for the journey
  • Recline ever-so-slightly: not so much that you have to strain your neck or head to see, but just enough to extend the spine comfortably. 
  • Roll your shoulders at stoplights to release tension in the neck and upper back
  • Save the coffee until work- coffee ratchets up the stress you feel in traffic which increase muscle tension
  • Stretch your neck gently at stop lights
  • Park at the other end of the parking lot and have a walk as soon as you reach work

You may even consider ditching the car altogether if it is a possibility. However, if you are locked into a daily commute, always think of ways to let go of the tension that is part of the ride. If you need help minimizing the toll your commute is taking on your spine, give our office in Teaneck a call to schedule an appointment today.