Steering Clear of Sugar this Halloween Season

No matter how your city or town plans to get through Halloween and the month of October, it’s likely that there is still going to be a lot of candy being passed around at the house, at work, and wherever you go during this month. Though it’s true many will be social distancing this Halloween, we bet there’s still going to be candy being had.

As a result, Associates in Chiropractic would like to discuss a few ways you can avoid consuming high amounts of sugar this month — which can certainly have health consequences, not to mention cause a sugar crash.

Supplying your household with healthy treats like dark chocolate, dried coconut, dried fruit (mango, pineapple, and peaches are all great options), and healthy granola creations is your best bet in order to avoid eating excess processed sugar — which is found in boatloads in various forms of candy.

Dark chocolate is your friend this Halloween. Milk chocolate is totally different and fortified with milk and large amounts of sugar for taste. Dark chocolate is going to be more bitter the higher the percentage. Opting for 75%-100% pure cacao is your healthiest option. Did you also know that dark chocolate is a viable source of antioxidants? Well now you do!

If you see candy going around at work, steer clear of it! Remain disciplined and try your best to turn a blind eye. There are an excellent array of snack options at your local natural foods store that won’t have you feeling the processed sugar highs and lows.

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