From Stress to Subluxation and Back Again

It’s often said that pain and stress go hand in hand

Subluxation illustrates this twisted system perfectly. A physical manifestation of mental stress is a prolonged contraction of the muscles that we call muscle tension. This tension can be painful in of itself, as well as contributing to reduced range of motion. But the problem intensifies when tense muscles then pull your spine out of alignment. When vertebral bodies move out of alignment, they can put undue pressure on spinal nerves which exit at each level of the spine. This is a recipe for pain that causes mental anguish and stress in even the most resilient of individuals. 

Doing something to break yourself out of this cycle

At our office in Teaneck, NJ 07666, we believe that chiropractic can help people suffering from stress by removing a significant part of the equation contributing to their condition. If physical dysfunction and pain are exacerbating your stress, we want to help you design solutions that will ease the pain. In doing so, we help you focus on addressing the other factors that make up your particular stress profile. Spinal adjustment restores spinal alignment, alleviates nerve compression and improves circulation. With better blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients reach the places they are needed most, including your brain, which can help you manage the fight-or-flight response which defines stress. 

Improving physical health to reduce stress

Give Dr. Albert Stabile a call today to schedule an appointment now. We are specialists in designing solutions that use natural modalities to reduce stress. We are standing by to help you achieve your health objectives for the new year.