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How to Stay Active During Pregnancy

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Staying active during pregnancy is important

It helps to ease the discomfort associated with a changing body, while reducing mental anxiety. Keeping yourself moving and gently exercising is the best way to keep yourself in a sound, balanced state both physically and emotionally, as you approach what will be a defining moment in your life. However, as the baby grows, your body will feel less and less like moving, and more and more like vegging and indulging. It is important to choose an appropriate level of exercise for each phase of pregnancy. In the third trimester, as you slow down physically, you can still stay active by taking easy walks. Here are some good ideas for staying active during pregnancy. 

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Investing In Your Spine to Prevent Back Pain

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What are your unhealthiest habits?

Humans are great procrastinators; we go out of our way to put off today what will come back to hurt us tomorrow. Case in point: your spinal health. I'm sure you are aware, somewhere in your head, of your poor spinal habits. Maybe it is lazy posture, maybe it is lingering slightly over your target weight; whatever it is, NOW is the time to come to terms with your lifestyle and make the adjustments you need to save your future body a lot of pain. Customized care means taking a look at your lifestyle and wear you are selling your spine short. A central part of our treatment plan at Associates in Chiropractic is to counsel you on bad spinal health habits. 

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Providing Massage Therapy Alongside Spinal Adjustment

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Massage therapy increases the benefit of spinal adjustment

When it comes to helping people improve their wellbeing, we believe the best way is to stay natural. That is why we work with primary care providers to provide you with another, all-natural dimension to your healthcare. We know that movement gives life- so, to stay moving is to stay feeling your best. Everything we do at our office in Hackensack is designed to keep you moving as best you can with your given set of conditions. Whether you are a top-of-the-pile athlete, or someone living with a degenerative spinal condition, there is always room for improvement. Spinal adjustments help our patients to improve the range of motion in their spinal joints, thereby increasing overall mobility. But poor range of motion often results from tissue damage, which means that improving mobility also includes treating the soft tisseus which support your spine. That is why we integrate massage therapy modalities within the greater framework of our chiropractic care. 

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