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Taking The Pain Away: Relief from Sciatica During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy: the perfect recipe for sciatica

Let's find out why sciatica is so prevalent in pregnancy. The spine of a heavily pregnant woman is quite precarious- there is already the added weight of the fetus which simultaneously causes a forward shift in her center of gravity, the first step to destabilizing the spine. While her abdominal muscles are strained in front, it is likely that the remaining core stabilizing muscles are weakened because activity levels are low. With the due date so close, pregnancy hormones have kicked into high gear, loosening the pelvic ligaments and causing instability at the base of the spine. With an imbalanced pelvis, and misalignment in the sacrum, nerve impingement becomes much more likely, and one of the most frequently affected nerves is the largest in the body: the sciatic nerve. 

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Stress Begets Pain; Pain Begets Stress: How To Break This Cycle

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Stress could be the source of your chronic pain

Often chronic pain emerges in the absence of any definable condition. While most people are familiar with chronic pain stemming from an acute injury, a degenerative condition or something like an autoimmune disorder, pain can exist as a standalone condition all to itself. When people come to us with physical pain that has manifested itself for more than 3 months without real relief, we need to form a picture of their life that goes beyond a physical examination and diagnostic analysis. What lifestyle factors could be contributing to this chronic pain? What we quite often find is that stress is pulling strings behind the scene. Here's how it works:

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Chiropractic is Frontline Senior Care

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A common misconception: chiropractic is too aggressive for older bodies

The fact is, every single person we see in our office gets their own, completely unique, treatment plan based on factors like age, physical condition, spinal condition and mobility. That's why we have great levels of success treating patients at all ages of life, from infants to seniors. Chiropractic is not too aggressive for older bodies. When we see an older patient, we take a different approach to spinal manipulation, using gentler techniques to get the intended result. Read on to find out why chiropractic is an important piece in any senior's care plan. 

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