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Hydration’s Role in Spinal Health

Your spine suffers when you are dehydrated

If you didn’t have enough reasons to start getting your daily ration of water, the spine should be your new number One. Your discs are under enough stress as it is, dealing with the downward force of gravity, your body’s weight and the accumulated negative force of your bad habits like poor posture and body mechanics. Why then do we increase the burden by starving our bodies of the water and nutrients they need to succeed? That is exactly what we do when we neglect to get the proper amount of fluid into our diet on a daily basis. 

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Soft Tissue Therapy Helps You Feel Your Best

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Soft tissue therapy is a powerful part of the chiropractic care regimen

While spinal adjustments form the basis of therapy for chiropractic care, our approach to holistic health encompasses a wide range of other therapies. We work with you to create a comprehensive plan for treatment that incorporates multiple varieties of treatment that will directly address your needs and goals in healthcare. One of these treatments is soft tissue work. Soft tissue therapy shares the common goal of all our modalities of helping you relieve pain and improve function so that you can live your best life. 

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How to: Buy a New Mattress

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Buying a new mattress is not as simple as it sounds

We want you to get this one right: the mattress is a make-or-break for spinal health. Along with the sofa and the office chair, your bed is one of the surfaces you will spend the most time on. The crucial difference is that your time spent on this surface is supposed to be restorative and relaxing for your spine. Whereas buying a good sofa or office chair is about damage limitation, buying the right mattress is about actually improving your spinal health while you sleep. So while comfort is a priority, so is support. Here are our tips for buying a new mattress (which you should do every 7-10 years).

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