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Chiropractic's Greatest Benefit: Reducing Inflammation

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Inflammation is at the root of so many problems in modern life

At some point in the last two decades, inflammation burst onto the scene and gained notoriety for its role in countless conditions. While inflammation in itself is not bad, it becomes problematic when it becomes chronic. Chronic inflammation occurs when your body doubles down on the inflammatory response- creating inflammation in response to the inflammation that already exists. Other types of chronic inflammation include:

  • The body's inability to deal with acute inflammation
  • Autoimmune disorders that mistake healthy tissues for pathogens and compensate accordingly 

As the inflammation piles on, quality of life goes down. So how can chiropractic help extricate you from this vicious cycle? Read on to find out. 

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The Importance of Functional Fitness

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What is functional fitness?

It's your new best friend. To give it a broad definition, functional fitness refers to stretches exercises that improve your daily life. They are a set of movements designed to make you more able- more able to perform daily activities without incurring injury; more able to go about your daily life with a high level of well-being, both mentally and physically. So functional fitness should be on everyone's to-do list. Read on to find out about our action categories for functional fitness.

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Range of Motion is Essential to Quality of Life

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Your Range of Motion determines how able you are

Limitation in the movement of any single joint makes you less able- it makes you less potent physically and significantly increases your risk for injury. Compromised range of motion leaves your joints vulnerable to injury from the normal, everyday motions that you may need to perform. So what exactly is range of motion? It is the angle at which your joint can move from an anatomical position to the extreme limit of its motion in a given direction. Without being able to achieve optimal range of motion you are less able to trust your body to reach these limits of motion. So how do we help the members of our community maintain optimal range of motion? Read on to find out.

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