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Helping Runners Prevent Lower Back Pain

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There is no getting around it: running isn't great for your lower back

Depending on the running surface, how hard you strike the ground, and what kind of shoes you wear, each step represents a shock that ripples up through the joints of your lower body and eventually reaches your spine. This repetitive stress causes strain in the structures and muscles of your spine; if that strain is allowed to accumulate sufficiently, it can cause serious problems that result in back pain and degeneration. A few primary goals for all runners concerned about their spines should be:

  • Limiting the amount of trauma that reaches the spine by:
    • Varying your running surface
    • Making sure to wear supportive shoes
    • Focusing on maintaining proper running posture
  • Apart from running, focus on strengthening the muscles that matter for supporting the spine 
    • Core muscles stabilize the transfer of forces 
    • Maintain pliability and full range of motions in muscles that support your lower back 

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Downward-Facing Dog is Daily Decompression

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The downward-facing dog pose is a win-win for chronic back pain sufferers

At our office in Hackensack, we talk a lot about spinal decompression. So much of modern life involves unhealthy compression of the spine- from sitting all day, to using mobile devices too frequently, to foregoing physical activity. Our spines are already under an immense amount of pressure to begin with- from gravity, our body weight, etc.- so why must we pile on the compression even further with unhealthy habits? Nevertheless we persist, which means that our society is in desperate need of decompression. There are multiple avenues available to the decompression-seeker: the most popular are the nonsurgical kind we offer on specialized chiropractic tables, and spinal decompression surgery. But there is a third, holistic kind of decompression that can be done daily- it's called spinal elongation, and the best way to achieve it is through stretching.

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Letting Go of Muscular Tension Naturally

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When your body feels like one big ball of tension... know that it’s time to act. Yet so many of us choose to ignore our muscles at the end of the day, opting instead to lounge around and let the tension fully set in. No one is blaming you- you work hard and you deserve every minute of rest that you can find. However, if your muscles feel chronically tight, it may be time to take a look at how your lifestyle causes systemic tension. Everyone knows that excessive sitting is bad- it is the position that causes more spinal pressure than any other, damages your internal organs and contributes to muscle tension. When you sit, especially when you sit with bad posture, certain muscles remain overly contracted while others are over-activated. The result is a musculoskeletal system that is literally pulling itself out of alignment, and this manifests itself in your feelings of pain, stiffness and soreness that accompany your commute home. One response to such systemic tension is myofascial release.

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