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Troubling Trends: Youth Back Pain on the Rise

We wouldn't stop short of calling it a public health crisis

The fact that the demographic for back pain is shifting towards younger populations should cause great concern. Back pain and the associated problems are among the top contributors to disability in our society. If we see these problems affecting people at younger ages, then it follows that they may become disabled at an earlier age as well. So what are we to do about this worrying situation? 

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Conservative Care Comes First


Back pain requires a coordinated treatment plan

If you live a life that is defined by chronic, or regularly-occuring, back pain, it is time to put your foot down and seek treatment. Yes, the human body is resilient enough to suffer for years with back pain symptoms, but what is it doing to your quality of life? The first step toward rehabilitating your back and potentially the first step toward leaving back pain behind for good is conservative care. 

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Preventing Back Pain While Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding puts your body at an odd angle

Even though you stop thinking about it after a while, you are craning your neck and hunching your back over; this is a flexion-based position that increases compression on your spine and leaves many mothers stiff and sore. There is already enough to contend with as a new mother besides the addition of back and neck pain. Follow our tips for offsetting pain and stiffness while breastfeeding.

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