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Chiropractic for Pregnancy Pain

chiropractic for pregnancy pain


The aches and pains of pregnancy

They are considered part and parcel of the process but that doesn't make them any less irritating. Pregnancy instigates a lot of changes that affect the musculoskeletal balance of your body, leaving you vulnerable to pain, especially in the lower back. Pain medication, which only helps mask the symptoms in the first place, is most often not applicable because it can affect the fetus. This leaves many women looking for alternative forms of medicine to escape the annoying aches and pains of pregnancy. In this scenario, chiropractic steps into the breech to address the source of the aches and offer women profound pain relief during pregnancy. 

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The Chiropractor Approved 7-Minute Workout

workout chiropractic


Can you set aside seven minutes each day?

Cut out seven minutes of facebook scrolling, take a seven minute break at work, find seven minutes before dinner. Wherever you can, carve out seven minutes to try an exercise routine that will help you prevent back pain. The best part is: it's completely free. All you need is a chair and your body (and to remember that these seven minutes should be tough, not a walk in the park!) The seven minute workout has established itself as a vital plan because it relies on proven evidence that short bursts of heavy intensity exercise can be just as effective as longer, more sustained exercise. Plus, it fits into our never-say-stop busy lives that seem to be the norm today. As a chiropractor, I would like to point out that this exercise plan is particularly good at stretching and conditioning the core stabilizing muscles which are the most important muscles for maintaining lower back health. 

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How Effective are Opioids for Managing Back Pain?

opioids and back pain


A new study indicates that opioids are no more effective than ibuprofen at managing back pain

The study, released by a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota, compared 240 veterans who are taking opioids to manage chronic back pain versus those who use non-opioid methods of pain management. The study found that opioids are not doing a significantly better job at helping people manage pain, while also coming with a longer list of side-effects, including the risk for addiction and death from overdose. 

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