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Staying health always involves listening to your body

But what does this mean? Every milisecond, every movement, every thought and sensation involve a communication exhange between brain and body. The majority of this is sub-conscious, but if we take a second to slow down and perceive what information is actually being passed on to our brain, we can really take control of our health. Now let's apply that concept to working out; it provides a great illustration of the importance of listening to your body.

Pain is a signal that you can't afford to ignore

Pain should at least tell you to slow your roll and allow time for the affected region to recover. If it doesn't get better, it is worth checking with a health professional. Here are other signs that tell you something is wrong: 

You are sleeping poorly: 

You feel fatigued all the time: a key sign that you are pushing yourself too hard. It may be worth taking a day off intense exercise and focusing on something more low-key to keep the blood flowing and your muscles recovering. 

You have chronic pain



Chiropractic helps ensure your signalling process is working well

As humans, we are so good at ignoring all these little signals, putting them aside and pushing on until they develop into something more serios. Chiropractic is about tackling problems as they come and preventing them from recurring. If you are interested in finding out how chiropractic can benefit you in the gym and in life, give our office in Hackensack a call to schedule an appointment today. 


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