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Realizing Peak Performance: Adding Chiropractic In...
17 Feb 2019 11:55 chiropractor clifton

Are you looking to gain an edge on the competition? Look no further than chiropractic. Facilitating smooth communication between brain and body means that all of your biomechanical systems will work more effectively, including the respiratory, muscular and cardiovascular systems. And Exercising with a properly aligned spine is the best way to ensure you are leav [ ... ]

Define Your Center of Balance and Move More Effect...
06 Feb 2019 18:24 chiropractor clifton

Finding and using your center of gravity Your center of gravity is important because it is your balance point; a hypothetical location where the body's mass is concentrated. This point is important because it essentially defines your balance and stability as a human- for example, having a center of gravity too high would make you top heavy and prone to fall [ ... ]

Decompressing from Chronic Back Pain
29 Jan 2019 13:28 chiropractor clifton

Living with your pain, rather than in spite of it When considering your options for treating chronic back pain, non-surgical decompression therapy should be considered as a conservative care option. This treatment focuses on supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms in an attempt to overcome injury, whether it be acute or chronic. By lending the body all the [ ... ]